Xun Zhou appearance of high fashion show Chanel growth on Friday

The spring 2013 men Monday, immediately to the Paris haute couture week is the key, each star and down to Paris to see a show to increase their fashion taste and visibility. Xun Zhou and Fan Bingbing is the high fixed focus star fashion week, one side is to the Sté phane Rolland finale dress, the other side is with learning attitude to see Chanel 2012 winter haute couture brother.

The autumn of 2011, Chanel officially invited Xun Zhou as the ambassador of China image. Xun brother began to make oneself an example propaganda Chanel brand spirit, to attend various activities of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld used to praise this aura face China, also said that her character like Coco, in one's heart with a sincere effort, which is why the Xun brother have so many fans, not her real affectation.

Ms. Chanel so defined elegant: " want to do can't be replaced, you must be out of the ordinary. " Xun Zhou is such a woman, mysterious, low-key, out of the ordinary. Unlike Fan Bingbing, she is not tall nor glamorous appearance, but she has her own personality and atmosphere. The Xun brother dressed in a pink Chanel single shoulder clothes, elegant appearance of high fashion week in Paris, the body is nothing special, but the simplicity of the design to bring out the beauty and magic.

In fact, find by hard and thorough search, as early as the spring and summer of 2007 Paris haute couture week, Xun Zhou became the first row guest Chanel show. Also in 2009 to sing at Chanel held in Shanghai on the Huangpu custom show, back and forth for 5 years, she put on the life of fashion and Chanel brand understanding of Xun Zhou, more outstanding performance to win the praise of foreign media.

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